The expanding market of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in San Diego is gaining attention as conserns over the environment, and increasing fuel costs arise. While more renewable energy technologies are being introduced and widely adopted, there has not been the same enthusiasm toward purchasing and leasing Electric Vehicles. SDG&E is looking for a way to give consumers education and experience about EVs with a focus on saving consumers money while making a positive impact on the environment. .

Welcome to Evolve

EVolve is a collaboration between SDSU Electrical and Computer Engineers with San Diego Gas & Electric for the purpose of creating interactive racing simulation game that users can play In order to provide the general public with an exciting informational experience regarding electric vehicles (EVs), to educate them on how they compare to other conventional vehicles in terms of of cost, effeiciency, and performance.

What is EVolve?

Simply put, project EVolve is an interactive educational tool that combines a video game created by the software team that is simulated in real life on a physical smart game board created by the hardware team. The video game developed by software side of the team will teach the user about how gas, hybrid, hybrid plug-in, and electric vehicles compare with each other in terms of cost and environmental impact over a ten year period. The video game can be seen on screen as well as in a small scale model city/highway environment which has been developed by the hardware side of the team.